The Top 5 Benefits of Swimming Lessons

We all know that swimming lessons give our children the benefit of developing crucial water safety skills to keep them safe and sound in and around water. While that is the primary reason why parents decide to enroll their child in a infant aquatics or child swimming program, there are many other reasons swimming lessons are essential, especially at a young age. There are actually several benefits that make swimming lessons one of the biggest investments you will make for your child! Here are the top five biggest benefits of swimming lessons, starting with:

The Top 5 Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Children | Kathleen McMordie Infant Aquatics Expert | Katy Texas

1. Learn Basic Water Safety Skills

First, swimming lessons provide a child with the skills necessary to feel more confident and comfortable in and around water. Through swim lessons, a child is able to learn the different swimming skills and safety protocols that a he or she will keep for a lifetime.

2. Build Developmental Skills

Recent studies show that enrolling your child in swim lessons at an early stage gives your child more time in the water. This can lead to increased muscle strength, coordination, and development of gross motor skills. Between prenatal to the age of five, the foundation of brain circuits are laid in terms of motor control. Swimming lessons offer children the safe and gentle environment to practice and strengthen these skills at this key window of opportunity.

3. Improve Social Skills

Swimming lessons are where children are able to meet other children their age and make new friends early on in their life. This gives them a head start in developing social skills. Group lessons let children socialize and support each other. Your child not only receives praise and encouragement, but learns about teamwork and offering that same praise and encouragement to others.

4. Enjoy the Water

There are many social activities in life that involve water. With an effective swimming program, your child will be able to fully enjoy all types of water activities and events such as sailing, kayaking, parasailing, white water rafting, diving, fishing, etc. without ever feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

5. Succeed in Other Types of Sports

Because swimming builds motor skills, coordination, and flexibility, it can serve as a jumping board for children who want to succeed in other types of sports; this includes other competitive sports that involve water such as competitive swim team, water polo, and triathlons. Once a child learns the basic foundation of swimming, he or she can be able to build upon those skills to participate in more advanced or competitive sports.

Read more about the long-term benefits of swimming lessons in this article here.


What Makes a Great Swimming Lesson?

Swimming lessons are essential for ensuring your child is safe, comfortable, and confident in the water. However, not all swimming lessons are created the same. Every type of swimming program you will find in your local area will have a different approach. How to do you about choosing the right one for your child? One key component to look for that makes certain swimming lessons more effective than others is repetition. Repetition is important for children because it allows them to learn, correct or perfect, and develop an instinctive pattern and reaction that is required when they are met with survival situations. At Texas Swim Academy, we consider repetition to be a very important aspect we place into all of our swimming programs, whether your child is just beginning to learn how to swim or would like to advance his or her skills. We believe that through repetition, every child has the opportunity to not only learn key swimming and water safety skills, but be able to use those skills right away.

What Makes a Great Swimming Lesson? | Kathleen McMordie Infant Aquatics Expert Katy Texas

No matter your child’s age, ability, and level of development, it shouldn’t take years to learn how to swim. Through repetition, you will see your child’s ability progress much sooner. Read more about why repetition is so important to have in a swimming program for your child and learn about the different types of swimming programs at Texas Swim Academy. You will be amazed at how quickly your child learns to swim in months, not years!


How to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons

How to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons |Texas Swim Academy Katy TexasGetting your child ready for baby swim lessons requires a little prep from mom and dad too! You will probably be surprised at how quickly toddlers and even young babies take to the water, but finding the most success is a lot easier when you prepare beforehand.

Here are some things to get your kid ready for their swim class debut:

Mommy & Me classes. The best preparation for baby swim lessons is a “Mommy & Me” type swim class. These classes are designed to provide babies with quality time in the water, in a safe environment and with your support close by. Exercises build confidence, provide fun, and create curiosity and comfort in the water.

Water comfort exercises. The bathtub is a great place to help your child become more comfortable in the water, the younger the better:

  • Use a bucket to pour water over your baby’s head, providing time between dunks for your baby to get accustomed to the feeling.
  • Encourage your baby to put their face in the water, blow bubbles, splash and play.
  • Put on swim goggles to let your baby take a peek underwater and explore.

Work at these exercises and your child will associate the water with fun and enjoyment.

Proper swim gear. Your baby needs the right equipment to get the most from baby swim lessons, here is the gear you will need:

  • If your child is not potty trained, swim diapers are a necessity. This includes the diaper itself and plastic outer pants, with a swimsuit over.
  • Swim goggles help your baby see underwater and feel more comfortable.
  • Some babies are more comfortable in a rash guard.

Baby swim lessons are one of the most important things you can do for your child to keep them safe. I love helping out parents with young children in swim lessons here in Houston, if you have any questions about what to expect or what you need, ask me in the comments.