About Kathleen

Kathleen McMordie is an Infant Aquatic Survival Master Instructor and water safety specialist located in Katy, Texas.
Kathleen attended Texas Tech University and South Plains College, and graduated with a Kathleen McMordie | Infant Aqautics | Water Safetydegree in nursing. She is currently a Registered Nurse (RN) with experience in medical and surgical intensive care units, as well as cardiac care. She is also am certified in First Aid and Adult/Child/Infant CPR, and as AED Instructor for the American Red Cross.As a mother of four children with a backyard swimming pool, Kathleen enrolled all of her children in an aquatic survival program, so that they would learn basic water skills at an early age. At the conclusion of each of the programs, Kathleen was impressed not only with her childrens’ respect for the water, but also their aquatic abilities.After researching a number of early childhood swimming programs, she made the decision to travel to Dallas in 2004 to train with Beverly Steinfink, an Infant Aquatic Survival Master Instructor. While there, Kathleen received intensive in-water training and academic information that enables her to safely and effectively teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers water skills that could save their lives.

After becoming certified, Kathleen taught out of her own backyard swimming pool for a number of years. In 2011, Kathleen and her family opened a full-service, indoor aquatic facility, Texas Swim Academy, in Katy, Texas.



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